How Much Can You Lift?

"How much can you bench?" "How much can you squat?" These questions usually refer to single rep maximums. The problem with trying to answer them is that actually attempting single rep maxes can be hazardous to your health.
You might also be asked something like "How many pullups can you do?" These questions are less dangerous to answer, but may be more painful than the first type.

There's a better way!

For your chosen exercise, enter a weight that you know you can lift & the maximum number of reps that you can lift it in the following form. To find the maximum weight that you can lift in this exercize, enter "1" in the box labeled "Possible Reps" & click the "How Much Weight?" button. Your answer will appear in the box labeled "Possible Weight". You can try other numbers of reps, too: To find out how much you can lift for any number of reps, enter that number in the "Possible Reps" box & click "How Much Weight?". The weight you can lift that many times will appear in the "Possible Weight" box.
It's just as easy to find out how many times you can lift a given weight. Enter the weight in the "Possible Weight" box & click the "How Many Reps?" button. The number of times you can lift your target weight will appear in the "Possible Reps" box.
These results will be reasonably close over a broad range, from about 40% to100% of your maximum weight, & from about one to forty reps.

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