Indian Rock is on (strangely enough) Indian Rock Avenue 50 feet southeast of the end of Oxford Avenue & 50 feet northwest of the end of (the real) Shattuck Avenue (not the poser whose real name is Henry that ends at Solano Ave.). It can also be found a block above Arlington Circle (on Indian Rock Ave.) if you don't miss the turn & end up in Kensington.
Cragmont Park is at the crest of Regal Road. DO NOT turn onto Cragmont Avenue, one block before Regal, unless you want to become hopelessly lost. Regal Road crosses Marin two blocks above the stop sign at Spruce, one block above Cragmont & one block before Euclid. If you are affluent enough to live northside, drive up Euclid to Regal, one block before Marin, & make a VERY sharp right turn.

For a more official-looking map, try Indian Rock is toward the left, Cragmont Park is on the right - the real park has no identifying signs. You can zoom in to get a closer view of either one (click the "Recenter" or "Zoom In" buttons first), but beware that some of the lines that look like streets in the closeups are actually footpaths. Also: Note that Mapquest gives you different, somewhat less efficient, directions from Highway 80 to the rocks than the ones that I gave above. The lesson is: Ignore details, look at the big picture.

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