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Give the images a minute to load, then . . .
Roll the mouse over the banner & the images above & see what happens.

This works best in newer browsers. It's generally seems to suck in any version of Internet Explorer, through IE5. It behaves in an incorrect (but still interesting) way in Navigator 3.01. If nothing happens when you first try it, play with the other stuff on the page for awhile, then come back and try it again. It apparently takes awhile for the things at the top of the page to load.

Feel free to borrow the code from this page to make your own rollovers.

In the following table, choose which images you want to change (if any) when you roll over the image at the left or right end of the row. You can also choose to have an image appear in the blank area in the center.

When you roll over: Swap Image#1 Swap Image#2 Swap Image#3 Swap Image#4 Fill the Middle

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IOS Banner

In case you missed it: There's another rollover example at the bottom of the page.